Water Transfer and Water Management Systems

Water Transfer & Management

Water is almost always a factor in any construction, plant or industrial project. Whether your water management needs are a part of planned project or an emergency situation, we can provide valuable experience, knowledgeable solutions, customized equipment and trained personnel to assist in mitigating any water concerns that arise.

We offer a broad range of water management solutions customized to your specific industry and project specifications, and in compliance with any governing bodies.

High-volume water supply services

Our high-volume water supply services can be tailored to suit your needs whether it is for well fracturing, hydrostatic testing or any other application. Our custom pumping systems will include Department of Fisheries and Oceans-approved suction assemblies, and flexible and adaptable solutions for any terrain we may encounter.

Long-term water transfer

For clients with long-term water transfer or dewatering projects, we offer a wide range of pumps, hoses and piping systems.  Our experienced water transfer technicians also provide valuable assistance throughout your project assessing your equipment requirements making adjustments to any changing condition.

River Diversion and Creek / River Bypass engineering and site services

Our process starts with a comprehensive review of the site location, terrain and water services required. Then Our engineering design team provides a comprehensive "Diversion Plan" or “Bypass Pumping Plan" with a job specific summary, providing all the project specific details. These plans consider the river or creek flow, ground water conditions, and water table levels and if required filtration and disposal locations. The Pumping plan provides both primary and standby pumping unit requirements with supporting topographical equipment locations as well as detailed AutoCAD drawing showing the plan pictorially. The NCS team works closely with our clients and all government agencies to coordinate such items as fish movement activities. Our custom pumping systems will include Department of Fisheries and Oceans-approved suction assemblies, and flexible and adaptable solutions for any terrain we may encounter.

Site Water Management Water and Leachate Management

When severe weather patterns lead to extremely wet and rainy conditions, lease pads and retention ponds are at risk of overflowing and spilling untested water into the environment. We offer design services to assist in temporary and permanent systems in preparation for these circumstances and offer complete pre-designed pumping systems that can be deployed rapidly to mitigate these risks.

Microfiltration systems

When the water being handled in a water management system requires filtering, our micro-filtration equipment effectively removes particulates to accommodate stringent environmental regulations.  Filtration systems can be employed in any situation where the water being handled is required to meet municipal, provincial or federal regulatory requirements, including emergency situations.  Hydrocarbon filtration can also be provided in situations where trace hydrocarbons are found and removal is required.