Water Piping and Transfer System Rentals

We offer specialized equipment rental systems primarily upon request. These systems can be rented with or without operational crews to fit your specific situation or budget. In all cases the systems are mobilized, set up and commissioned by our skilled technicians. We provide regularly scheduled maintenance checks throughout the life of the project and, when the project is completed, our team of technicians demobilize the system from your location. 

System rentals can include:

  • Specialized Pumps
  • Fluid/WaterTransfer Lines
  • Road Crossings (with engineered load ratings)
  • Various Filtration Systems
    • Our micro-filtration equipment is capable of removing particulates or contaminants and hydrocarbons if required. Various municipal and federal regulations require micro-filtration for a wide variety of constitutes. Micro-filtration systems can be incorporated in these various situations where water purity is required to meet the various regulatory guidelines. 
  • Specialized Water Heating
    • In cold weather conditions, we can incorporate specialized skid, truck or trailer mounted indirect fired water heaters to maintain hydrostatic test water above freezing during cold weather test situations. Heater systems are designed by our technical team to ensure hydrostatic test water is kept at a safe margin above freezing. Heaters also eliminate the requirement of adding chemical to test water and the inherent disposal risk. The various manufacturing and construction codes require that the shell or steel temperature be maintained at specific temperature and heaters are an economical manner to meet this requirement.
    • We can also incorporate heating systems into various water-pumping systems and long-term transfers should a pond need to be thawed or to support winter road construction.