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Sewer Bypass

Force main rupture? Broken gravity line? Lift station malfunction? Re-lining existing pipelines? Lift station upgrade? 

At NCS Fluid Systems, we understand that dewatering or sewer bypass projects require exact water management and that’s why proper calculating of the Net Positive Suction Head (NPSH) is essential. Especially in well-point dewatering applications, engineers need to be aware of the NPSH values as this will determine whether your dewatering system can perform efficiently or not. We utilize our expertise to precisely measure the NPSH required for each project – from real-time calculations to offsite analysis – in order to ensure maximum performance and minimal downtime.

The existing infrastructure (such as sewer line, pump stations, manufacturing plants) in major cities is getting old. To maintain and upgrade the existing infrastructure construction companies require a sewer bypass, which requires rental pumps and generators. Typically sewer bypass pumping will occur because of new construction, lift station repair, re-line existing pipelines, lift station malfunctioning, broken gravity line, force main rupture, tie-ins or a combination of these factors. Almost all sewage bypass work can be handled by NCS Fluid Systems. Sewage bypass requirements must be well understood before selection and design of the pumping equipment. This includes flows (min and max), TDH (total dynamic head), suction lift, NPSH (Net Positive Suction Head Required and Available).

NCS Fluid Handling Systems offers sewer bypass pumps from 4-inch to 12-inch diesel driven pumps available for sale and rent. Our engineering team will assist you in sizing and selecting the right pump for your application. Sizing the right pump is the key to achieve a stable sewage bypass and NCS Fluid Handling Systems huge inventory will make sure the sewer bypass pump is available for your project when required. In some sewer bypass pumping applications where there is high suction lift and where instant priming is required we recommend electric submersible pumps.

NCS Fluid Handling Systems has the complete suite of sewer bypass equipment including  such items as diesel or electric driven dri-prime pumps, electric trash submersibles, hydraulic submersibles and diaphragm pumps. In addition remote monitoring, automatic start-stop, fuel consumption monitoring and trained HDPE fusion technicians. We are a one-stop shop for sewer bypass pumps and accessories such as road ramps, check valves, gate valves, hoses, steel and aluminum piping, HDPE piping and drip trays.

NCS Fluid Handling Systems sewer bypass skilled team has access to the most extensive inventory of electric sewage submersible pumps and associated submersible power cables. From low volume to high volume and low head to high head electric submersible pumps are your solution of choice. If the suction lift is too much and you need to work in an explosion- proof environment, then hydraulic submersible pumps are the key to your problem. We have hydraulic submersible pumps and power packs.

Hose and fittings are critical to the success of a sewer bypass. NCS Fluid Handling Systems sewer bypass team has a large stock of hose and fittings including lay flat hose, cargo hose, composite hose and suction hose. Our sewer bypass design team will design and fabricate a wide variety of equipment. Manifolds, pump skids, hose reels, special fittings and a wide variety of other equipment can be made to your specifications in a cost-effective fashion.

Sewer Bypass when you need it you need the team at NCS Fluid Handling Systems, because when it happens you need the responsive experts so it doesn't keep happening!

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