Hydraulic fracturing water supply services

NCS Fluid Handling Systems water transfer services

As water acts as the primary carrier fluid in hydraulic fracturing, it is critical that large quantities of relatively fresh water be reasonably available. The quality of the water is very important because impurities can reduce the efficiency of the additives used in the process.

We can provide mass amounts of water from surface water sources, including lakes, rivers and municipal supplies. We can also provide groundwater when necessary to augment surface water supplies where available. 

During a hydraulic fracturing operation, NCS can offer specialized services that include water transfer and water logistics, such as permitting and crossing agreements and frac water heating.

Frac water heating and frac fluids heating services in general are necessary in colder climates to prevent water from freezing, to maintain proper down hole tubular temperatures, and to meet the specifications of some cross-linked gel fluid formulas. Frac water heating service is a crucial part of many hydraulic fracturing operations.

Working with partners in the industry, NCS can offer turnkey solutions with water storage, manifolds and pumping systems.

Water transfer systems may appear simple in nature at first glance however, the real work is in the preparation, planning and execution prior to pumping hydro-test water. Canada has some of the most stringent guidelines for pipeline construction and integrity in the world and in collaboration with owners and constructors, NCS Fluid Handling Systems plays an integral supporting role in project success.

The Team at NCS Fluid Handling Systems is proud to be working to support the growth and expansion of the Canadian Energy Sector and Municipal infrastructure construction. But, equally as important as a Canadian owned and operated business everyone at NCS is proud to be doing it by keeping Canadians employed. This NCS Fluid Handling Systems group of dedicated project managers, technicians, designers and administrators has stayed together and grown over these past two and a half years by supporting each other as leaders, mentors and having each other’s back! Proudly they continue to grow the excellent service reputation the NCS Fluid Handling Systems name is synonymous with.