Hydro Testing and Pressure Testing Services


NCS Fluid Handling Systems specialize in the design, set-up, management and operations of hydro-test water supply systems required for the hydro-testing of API 650, 620 and 653 storage tanks as well as AWWA storage tanks, pipelines and ASME pressure vessels.

We have over 250 years of combined experience in the water management and hydro-test markets throughout Canada, and have processes and procedures of the highest quality to support our clients' specific needs and conditions. We have operational capability year round, and are able to operate in extreme cold weather with our specialized heating equipment and comprehensive cold weather operating procedures. We are also able to operate in remote and environmentally sensitive locations given our methodical processes, and procedures that reduce environmental impact and meet federal waterway compliance requirements.

Hydro-testing  - May Also be Known as Hydrostatic Testing

We perform storage tank hydrotesting services on all sizes and types of atmospherically operated tanks both in newly built applications and the re-certification of existing storage tanks. We perform all hydrotest services covering the entire spectrum from the sourcing of any crossing agreements on public and private land, diversion licensing from applicable regulatory bodies, permanent or temporary water pumping systems, particulate filtration, water sampling and code specific functional test of the storage tank completed to applicable construction code or standard. The final step in our services is to supply a professionally assembled turn over package with detailed information required for the applicable regulatory body or utility commission granting the fit for service authorization.

This particular hydrotest is not only performed for leak detection, but is also intended to provide the client a full operational test environment for such things as foundation settlement, rolling ladder operational check or a floating roof pontoon leak test and operational run through. Our skilled technicians and project managers are trained to support all elements of the test procedures in a safe and professional manner.

Like all the services we offer, our processes and procedures have been carefully developed to minimize our environmental impact. 

We also support hydrostatic tests required for other products such as pipelines, spheres and ASME (American Society of Manufacturing Engineers) Division 1 or Division 2 pressure vessels. This integrity test involves filling the vessel or pipe system with a liquid and pressurizing the item to a specific test pressure.

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