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NCS hiring skilled technicians

NCS is hiring technicians and project managers

NCS is hiring technicians and project managers


General description of services:

Immediate openings in the all service areas the NCS Fluid Handling Systems operates in. North and South Alberta, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Lower Mainland Vancouver Area and Southern Ontario in Spring 2019.

Job Summary

NCS Fluid Handling Systems is now taking resumes and hiring all levels of experience of technicians. The best candidate is a self-starter Field service technician that can work in a team environment, able to travel to work on our site projects and deliver the desired best in class customer service experience. The goal is to drive service success that improves Customer satisfaction, Quality of services, , Safe work practices and Maximizes customer retention.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Provide service and customer support during on-site field projects, across NCS geographic service region in Canada
  • Maintain the workflow to schedule
  • Assists with all on site installation, repair, maintenance and testing tasks
  • Assist in and Diagnose errors or technical problems and work to resolve the proper solutions
  • Produce related service reports and run sheets
  • Operate vehicle and equipment in a safely manner at all times
  • Follow all NCS procedures and protocols
  • Cooperate with technical and administrative team and work to collaborate and share information with team
  • Reinforce positive relationships with customers

Qualifications and Skills

  • Proven field service experience related to water management and filtration
  • Tank hydro testing knowledge is an asset
  • Ability to troubleshoot, test, repair and service mechanical equipment
  • Work can be in remote locations, physically demanding and some lifting is required - Physically fit
  • NCS works 24/7 on sites across Canada for extended shifts therefore technicians must be able to work flexible shifts and to adapt to changing work schedules
  • Able to travel air or land based
  • Display a familiarity with hand and electrical tools and the proper applications
  • Familiarity with Piping and Water Pumping systems an asset.
  • High school degree or GED / Equivalent
  • Able to pass pre-access drug and alcohol screening for safety sensitive sites.
  • Technical degree or certification an asset but not required

NCS performs hydro-static testing services on all sizes and types of atmospherically operated storage tanks both in newly-built applications and API-653 re-certification of existing storage tanks. NCS performs all test services covering the entire spectrum, from the sourcing of any crossing agreements on public and private land, diversion licensing from applicable regulatory bodies, permanent or temporary water pumping systems, particulate filtration, water sampling and code-specific functional testing of the storage tank completed to applicable construction code or standard. The final step in our services is to supply a professionally assembled turn over package with detailed information required for the applicable regulatory body or utility commission granting the fit for service authorization.

Our municipal projects install temporary works with the environmental consultant, and offer a comprehensive dewatering package that includes a dewatering plan, equipment specification, recommendation, filtration and groundwater monitoring. Correct installation of wellpoint/sandpoint equipment and monitoring of the dewatering process leads to higher system efficiency and cost savings.

We are proud of the NCS team we have and consider them to be some of the highest skilled and trained technicians in the market.

NCS Fluid Handling Systems is growing the team of skilled technicians and project managers to continue to support and serve Canada in the API storage tank and pipeline hydro-static testing market as well our Municipal markets. NCS Fluid Handling Systems provides sewer bypass, sand / well pointing systems, site water management services and Water filtration for particulate and hydrocarbon removal. 

Many of the NCS projects require physical labour and are located in various cities or sites across Canada, so the ability to travel is required.

NCS provides both on-the-job and in-class training in all areas of quality, safety and operational excellence.

If you wish to start a career with NCS Fluid Handling Systems, please attach your resume and our human resources department will contact you.

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