Wellpoint Dewatering & Integrity Digs

Well Point installation

Well Point installation

Well point dewatering (known as Sand point dewatering in some parts of North America) is widely used in shallow excavations for underground parking facilities, foundations or basements, but NCS Fluid Handling Systems also performs well point dewatering in support of a vital inspection process used throughout the energy industry. Pipeline inspections included "integrity digs" to expose pipe for inspection purposes, and NCS performs well point dewatering alongside the excavation, removing the groundwater that is present.

Typically, well points are vertically installed but in some cases, using special trenching technology, NCS can run horizontal well point dewatering piping. In either case, the well points are placed under vacuum and connected to a drainage header system; this system may need to include settlement tanks or filtration and possibly discharge permits. Various jurisdictions have requirements that differ province-to-province or state-to-state but may also vary city-to-city, as is the case in many coastal communities that require increased filtration for specific constituents such as iron removal. It is important to understand the local requirements and have these specific permits in place as well the additional components designed into a system from the onset to avoid delays in start up and additional cost. 

NCS Fluid Handling Systems services include:

  • Well Point System Design
  • Assistance With Permit Applications
  • Well Point Installation
  • Well Point System Rental
  • Well Point System Monitoring
  • On Site Operations & Maintenance