Well pointing & Water management

Well point dewatering before and after

Well point dewatering before and after

Site water management using Wellpoint Dewatering

Every project site is unique, even various locations on the same project site can differ in ground water issues. Therefore, a solutions and engineered approach is the best way to achieve success. Consideration must be given to several factors when designing a system. Depending upon water level, permeability of the soil and required pumping distance are a few of these factors the NCS Fluid Handing Systems specialists review when designing a system.

When considering all obstacles at time of bidding a project estimator must consider site drainage as a necessary part of a construction project. When the water table below ground is higher than the excavation many sites require a system designed to dewater 24/7. NCS has also installed systems on the west coast of Canada where the tidal influence must be considered.  In any event, these site water level can then be dropped to create a safe, dry environment for excavation to proceed by incorporating wellpoint pumps and piping systems.

NCS Fluid Handling System’s design experts assist construction companies to determine the type of pump(s) required. The design team will determine the best type of pump(s) which may be an automatic self-priming pump, rotary lobe wellpoint pump or a submersible dewatering pump.

NCS Fluid Handling Systems not only provides dewatering pumps but we also design the header piping systems and well point spacing and depth, NCS skilled technicians also provide proper installation of this equipment and can manage the operations throughout the project life.

The NCS fluid Handling Systems goal is to ensure that the client has the right equipment for the job supported by a broad network of pumps and water management equipment to ensure project safety, quality and schedule. The NCS team is additionally supported by a national network of key suppliers that allow for timely response to installations, reduced shipping costs and flexibility to system designs. The experienced NCS Fluid Handling Systems team will support any project with turnkey services and solutions that range from site water management plans, diversion designs, site water drainage, filtration, installation and equipment service.

NCS Fluid Handling Systems is your site water management expert, With a combination of years of relevant experience and engineering practices, the NCS Fluid Handling Systems team can ensure the project is designed correctly and safely, ultimately saving schedule and reducing costly delays. NCS designers and technicians have access to the full line of wellpoint pipe and fittings, which can include quick disconnect header pipes, riser pipes, swing arm assemblies, and self-jetting well points.

Also look to NCS Fluid Handling Systems for the products and support when your project not only requires well point dewatering. NCS Fluid Handling Systems offers submersible pumps, fully automatic diesel or electric, solids-handling dry priming pumps for high-volume and high-discharge heads supporting our other services for general duty in dewatering, sewer bypass, site water drainage, river diversion and sludge handling applications.