We Are Committed To Excellence

NCS Fluid Handling Systems Is Committed to Quality and Excellence

NCS Fluid Handling Systems Is Committed to Quality and Excellence

NCS Fluid Systems was founded in Edmonton, Alberta. We provide API tank and pipeline hydrostatic testing, water management, filtration, sewer bypass, river diversion, sand/well pointing and general fluid consulting services.  We believe in building long-term lasting relationships with clients, built on our dedication, consistent service and a transparent approach.

NCS Fluid Systems complies with legal and client specifications wherever applicable.  We are committed to excellence and achieve this by operating in a professional and courteous manner.  We ensure a positive, safe, and secure environment for our employees and encourage both personal and professional growth. All NCS Fluid Systems employees are dedicated to fulfilling our core company values. We strive to maintain a workplace that is free from risk of occupational injury, illness, disease, damage to property, and/or the environment.

NCS Fluid Systems is committed to continual improvement through the establishment, implementation, and maintenance of a documented Quality Management System in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015.  It is essential that the work carried out by NCS Fluid Systems is adequately controlled to ensure that it meets the requirements of the customer.  This is achieved by good planning, the provision of adequate resources, properly trained and experienced personnel, clearly defined standards and methods of working and correct monitoring and product verification.

To ensure that high quality standards are maintained and improved, NCS Fluid Systems monitors the work process to ensure the highest standards of customer satisfaction. Measurement is aimed at added value and benefit to the customer and NCS Fluid Systems. This process involves all personnel.