Water Treatment and Filtration Solutions

NCS Fluid Systems is an industry leader in water treatment and filtration solutions

NCS Fluid Systems is an industry leader in water treatment and filtration solutions

NCS Fluid Handling Systems is an industry leader in water treatment and filtration solutions. We are dedicated to developing comprehensive filtration systems for protecting water applications in the industrial, municipal, irrigation and oil & gas subsets. Every NCS Fluid Systems Filtration system is built for efficiency, effectiveness and reliability, and is backed by our commitment to environment sustainability. Our innovative technologies cover sedimentation control, flow particulate, dewatering particulate/iron removal, as well systems that handle the removal of hydro carbons if detected. NCS Fluid Systems can deliver in any situation such as different water sources, outlet requirements and extreme working conditions. Our engineered solutions are supplied, installed, and monitored by our qualified field personnel. 

When severe weather patterns lead to extremely wet and rainy conditions, lease pads, construction sites and retention ponds are at risk of overflowing and spilling untested water into the environment. We offer design services to assist in temporary and permanent systems in preparation for these circumstances and offer complete pre-designed pumping systems that can be deployed rapidly to mitigate these risks. When the water being handled in a water management system requires filtering, our micro-filtration equipment effectively removes particulates to accommodate stringent environmental regulations. Filtration systems can be employed in any situation where the water being handled is required to meet municipal, provincial or federal regulatory requirements, including emergency situations. Hydrocarbon filtration can also be provided in situations where trace hydrocarbons are found and removal is required.

Our focus is on delivering custom engineered, high performance solutions that answer our customers’ exact needs. We are dedicated to giving our clients products that are strategically engineered to meet and exceed performance requirements: products that not only perform well in the most demanding applications, but reduce waste and operating costs, lower OH&S risks, and minimize downtime and environmental impact as well.

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