Tool Crib on the road

Tool Crib Loaded and On the Road

Tool Crib Loaded and On the Road

The crew at NCS Fluid Handling Systems did an awesome job of getting the tool crib ready for work and rigged with benches, storage, and power hookup. Now it's on the road to start work onsite. Equipped with our specialized tools, safety gear, and custom equipment, the NCS team of skilled technicians is ready to meet all customer needs. 

The tool crib should serve the site requirements perfectly.

Everyone at NCS Fluid Handling Systems Inc understands that our services are more than just moving water and the entire team works to offer the complete package of services supported by professionally engineered system design, hydrotest detailed site plans, sewer bypass calculations and a complete documentation package. 

NCS Fluid Handling Systems Inc performs Storage Tank Hydro Testing, Dewatering Systems, Water Transfer and River Diversion services across Canada. 

NCS Fluid Handling Systems Inc also provides Hydrotesting and related support services for Pipeline Testing, Industrial Water Heating, Sewer Bypass, Dewatering, Particulate Filtration, Hydrocarbon Removal and River Bypass services.

The entire team at NCS Fluid Handling Systems Inc is proud to serve the industrial, municipal and energy sector. On all job sites, the NCS Fluid Handling Systems Inc focus is to offer a highest level of customer service, with safety first and a strong quality plan.

If your projects require, water diversion licensing, operation tests of tank equipment like floating roofs or rolling ladders, or filtration prior to disposal, this NCS Fluid Handling Systems Inc team can confidently deliver.