System performing as designed & exceeding expectations

Holiday season Wishes from the Entire NCS Fluid Systems Team

Holiday season Wishes from the Entire NCS Fluid Systems Team

The entire team of technicians at NCS Fluid Handling Systems has seen everything from cool to extremely cold temperatures and strong winds on this specialized heating services project, yet the system continues to operate above and beyond expectations.

Heat rise, maximum tank water temperature, and low fuel consumption are all beating previous benchmarks and exceeding manufacturers estimates, which is all supported by real-time data. The heaters were able to raise test water temperature well above safety factors of low water temperature limits, preventing freeze up or catastrophic failure. 

The main purpose of hydrotesting storage tanks is to confirm the overall integrity of the tank & particularly the integrity of the shell.

However, this is not the sole purpose of a Hydro Test, in addition a Hydro test is intended to perform a full operational test using a safe medium with a specific gravity greater than the designed for cargo.

Testing also:

  • Test the foundation for proper support of the tank and uniform settlement,
  • Confirms that the floating roof travels freely during normal filling/emptying operation,
  • Confirms the toughness properties of the plate steel against brittle fracture,
  • Check for any design or fabrication deficiencies, and
  • Confirm integrity of major modifications or repairs done on existing

Well done to the NCS team - keep up the good work! And to everyone: a Safe and Happy Holiday Season!