River Hydro-test water transfer

Hydro-Test River suction system and water transfer hose installed

Hydro-Test River suction system and water transfer hose installed

The specialized team of technicians at NCS Fluid Handling Systems are finishing up the installation of the river inlet suction system, screens, filtration and water transfer line.

The system will supply hydro test water to our pipeline pressure testing project in a remote area of Alberta.

The entire system is ready to perform and the set up looks great, with tanks ready to fill and heaters tested and ready to go.

Everyone at NCS Fluid Handling Systems believes that our services are more than just moving water and the team works hard to offer the complete package of services with engineered designs, detailed site plans, and a complete documentation package. NCS knows that our clients have unique needs and NCS considers those needs when evaluating and developing the solutions required to make our clients successful.

NCS goals are to deliver the highest of standard of API 650 and 653 Storage Tank Hydro Testing, Wellpoint Dewatering Systems and River Diversion services across Canada. NCS incorporates engineering principles along with LEAN processes to provide functional systems and solutions at a competitive price without compromise to safety. 

NCS also provides Hydrotesting and related support services for Pipeline Testing, Industrial Water Heating, Dewatering, Particulate Filtration, Hydrocarbon Removal and Bypass services to all of Canada.

The entire team at NCS is proud to serve the industrial, municipal and energy sector. On all job sites, the NCS focus is to offer a highest level of customer service, with safety first and a strong quality plan.

If your projects require, water diversion licensing, operation tests of tank equipment like floating roofs or rolling ladders, or filtration prior to disposal, this NCS team can confidently deliver.

Request information at 780-801-5326 or 604-547-3160 or www.ncsfluidsystems.ca