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NCS Fluid Systems water management & filtration

NCS Fluid Systems water management & filtration

Since merging with NCS Fluid Handling Systems and expending from simple rentals to a full service equipment provider our projects have become managed with the greatest of efficiency and all stakeholders considered. In conjunction with the NCS team now, CPS support projects just like the recent Canadian Pump Solutions where super silent pumps are needed on sewer bypass projects on Vancouver Island, in the Sidney and Victoria BC area.

Canadian Pumps Solutions has always been the company that offers the industry leading super silent pumps Canadian Pumps solutions and has always been looked upon the supplier of reliable equipment when called to these unique project to dispatch sewer bypass pumps.

Canadian Pump Solutions offers the largest fleet of super silent water and sewer pump packages in Canada. Canadian Pump Solutions offering the fluid pumping equipment markets the first real silent option to meet the markets demands for noise reduction.
Canadian Pump Solutions is none as the key supplier of reliable sewer bypass pumps and the related accessories required such as Victaulic connections, steel pipe, or aluminum pipe, transfer hose or HDPE and road crossings.
Simply put a sewer bypass pump is used for pumping wastewater during sewer line repairs. A trouble-free temporary pump installation is paramount during bypass projects and why many clients have chosen the Canadian Pump Solutions silent pump fleet first and now with the support of NCS Fluid Handling Systems design and innovation team in Langley BC we are much more than a rental company, we are full service.
It was only a few short months ago that Canadian Pump Solutions introduced a new face to sound attenuated pumps in Canada with the addition of the super silent series to meet and exceed the maximum decibel reading in many jurisdictions and these fluid handling pumps have quickly become the industry standard to achieve lower decibel levels required.
As well the Canadian Pump Solutions new fleet to our E series of electric drive fluid handling pumps are shipping from the shop and manufacturing facility every week to meet demand.
We would be pleased to provide your project with our pumping solutions….. cause we have more than one solution to offer.


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