Proud to announce the addition of key PM personnel

Management welcomes JC Jenson to the NCS Fluid Handling Systems team.

Management welcomes JC Jenson to the NCS Fluid Handling Systems team.

Management at NCS Fluid Handling Systems is pleased to announce the most recent addition to the NCS team.

Recently JC Jenson joined the project management team. JC is a highly skilled specialist who brings over 10 years of related industry experience and knowledge to the NCS Fluid Handling Systems team. JC is a results-oriented project manager who is joining NCS to support the expansion of services offerings and acquisitions related to pipeline hydro testing and enhanced filtration services. Using his 10+ years of previously acquired knowledge and talents, JC will enhance the already strong team of project managers and technicians in core areas of the business related to API-650 and API-653 storage tank hydro testing. 

As well as being a NCSO, JC's solution-minded nature and key management skills compliment the NCS values of safety, quality and professional customer care. JC works closely with the technical representatives at NCS from the onset of a project, providing valuable insight into project system design, planning, and safe and cost effective operations.

JC will also be a key member the NCS training & development program which has been established to support the successful achievement of the NCS goal of "continuous improvement" in all areas. This training & development program is aimed at the professional development of project administrators and skilled technicians throughout their career at NCS.

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