Preventative Maintenance

Heavy Equipment Preventative Maintenance

Heavy Equipment Preventative Maintenance

It is the policy of NCS Fluid Systems to apply a systematic, regularly-scheduled maintenance program to reduce the risk of injury and property damage, to extend equipment life, and to correct deficiencies found in vehicles, equipment, tools and personal protective equipment.  

Based on prescribed service, maintenance, replacement and warranty requirements of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) specifications, Canadian Standards Association (CSA) B620 general instruction, Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) standard or Industry Best Practice, all maintenance and service will be performed only by company employees or by contracted workers who possess the appropriate skills, accreditation and/or certifications.

Maintenance files and inventory will be kept at Corporate Head Office, to monitor and track all equipment. Employees performing regularly-scheduled maintenance will itemize parts and systems to check, as well as specify the frequency of inspection and employee responsibility in this area. Critical components and systems, whose failure could potentially inflict severe injury or damage, will be rigorously monitored.

Unscheduled maintenance must be reported and completed immediately to prevent accelerated wear or deterioration. Accidental damage to equipment must be reported and investigated before repairs are authorized. Before usage, all employees are responsible to inspect their tools and equipment for defects. Defective equipment must be put out of service and be tagged or locked out as required and reported to management.

We ensure a positive, safe, and secure working environment for our employees and encourage both personal and professional growth. All NCS Fluid Systems employees are dedicated to fulfilling our core company values. We strive to maintain a workplace that is free from risk of occupational injury, illness, disease, and damage to property and the environment.

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