NCS Fluid Systems Hydrotest 20 tanks

NCS Fluid Handling Systems the solutions oriented tank hydrotest company

NCS Fluid Handling Systems the solutions oriented tank hydrotest company

Management at NCS Fluid Handling Systems would like to congratulate the entire team on booking our 20th API 650 or 653 Hydrotest services. To date, the skilled team at NCS has provided all the services related to new API tank hydrotests and re-certified API - 653 tanks. These services included water transfer, API inspections, Cold weather test water heating and Filtration. 

Recently the team was successful in booking five new tanks for testing over the next several months. Of these new five tank hydrotests, one includes the largest API 650 tank test and transfer, with the potential of a 12 kilometer water transfer. 

The team worked hard to establish a safe, solutions-oriented and cost-competitive package. 

The main purpose of hydrotesting storage tanks is to confirm the overall integrity of the tank & particularly the integrity of the shell.

However, this is not the sole purpose of a Hydro-test, in addition a Hydro-test is intended to perform a full operational test using a safe medium with a specific gravity greater than the designed for cargo.

Testing also:

  • Test the foundation for proper support of the tank and uniform settlement,
  • Confirms that the floating roof travels freely during normal filling/emptying operation,
  • Confirms the toughness properties of the plate steel against brittle fracture,
  • Check for any design or fabrication deficiencies, and
  • Confirm integrity of major modifications or repairs done on existing

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