NCS Fluids Systems Algae Solutions

NCS Fluid Handling Systems spill containment and Algae Removal Filtration

NCS Fluid Handling Systems spill containment and Algae Removal Filtration

Its official and the AquaFlex Canada sales team along with the team at NCS Fluid Handling Systems will be coming to regions throughout the Okanagan and along the coastal areas of BC this summer, both at the marina shows and boats shows along with a comprehensive online industrial application program for spill prevention and mitigation as well as Algae control on lakes and oceans. These information sessions on product capability and consumer awareness will consider both the marina application around fuel depots and sea plane fuels terminals as well as containment systems at LNG and other hydrocarbon terminals.

Showing a common sense approach to provide information of the options to the marketplace where risks can be managed to reduce single use plastics from hitting landfills, demonstrate Bio-degradable product option that are also reusable and perform in some cases 10 times better that conventional products.

No area is exempt from the damages that a spill can cause or the negative effects of algae bloom. Research in fish farms is proving that the positive impact that the AquaFlex LLC products offer have a positive impact to Fish Habitats, pets and free range animals that all can be affected by poor water quality and the side effects of contamination such as Algae consumption.

Watch for these valuable informational sessions coming soon.