Dewatering and Water Transfer at NCS Fluids

NCS Fluid Systems water Transfer, Management & Filtration

NCS Fluid Systems water Transfer, Management & Filtration

Water Transfer and Filtration with heating during water pumping Services

With the in-house ability to professionally engineer and design water transfer and river bypass plans NCS Fluid Handling Systems Inc. can immediately be deployed on projects where planned or emergency temporary water transfer lines are required with design specific water pumps that suit the application and aim to “get the design right the first time”. AKA “The NCS Fluid Handling Systems Way” versus the old normal of just throw more pumps at it as our customers have told us.

Recent projects has NCS Fluid Handling Systems team working our diverse fleet of specialty equipment. Industrial water heaters, Bag house Water Filters, Water Transfer solutions and Engineered bypass system all getting tested in a safe environment. This means safe crew operations as well as the constant NCS Fluid Handling Systems efforts to minimize overall impact such as; not closing off roads, minimize disruption to nearby communities and businesses, reduce the overall sound levels and negative impact of operational equipment in these residential areas and community safety while the contractor is performing rehab or replacement work.

NCS Fluid Handling Systems engineers and designers have years of systems design and experience, which is needed when properly sizing the lines and pumps. Since the amount of water and material required to be river bypassed varies from time to time throughout the project, the temporary system must accommodate this changing flow. If the flow is not calculated correctly and the system is undersized, the pumps or piping may not be able to keep up and sewage spill may be the result, which leads to many problems for everyone.

Flow calculations are only a part of the overall operational considerations that NCS Fluid Systems designers review. Other considerations include:

Road access - NCS Fluid Handling Systems offers engineered road crossing to accommodate traffic flow and 24-hour system monitoring by specially trained technicians in system setup and operation.

In today's market, a river diversion or creek bypass may be an open cut or a directional drill trench less technology, but the one thing that won’t change with any river diversion is the need for a properly designed bypass system that incorporates the proper pumps, piping, and support equipment. 

Learn more about how NCS Fluid Handling Systems' complete creek bypass services and equipment can be perfectly adapted to your project or contact us for a creek bypass or river diversion service quote.