NCS Fluid Systems Team grows

NCS Fluid Handling Systems team of professionals and water management experts

NCS Fluid Handling Systems team of professionals and water management experts

A huge welcome back and congratulations to the team at NCS fluid Handling Systems.

We are all excited to announce the following key members to the team as we expand services and continue to improve our customer quality experience.

More announcements soon will be coming but for now its all about Matt and Colin! 

MATT HICKEY- Operations Coordinator

Matt has been on and off with NCS for the past 5 years now. In that time, Matt has gained great knowledge in understanding how operations are handled in the field. As a recent graduate from the Water/Waste Water Operator course at NAIT, Matt is bringing his expertise to a new level within NCS. He will be responsible for helping with scheduling, procurement, creating job lists/BOM’s and much more.

Matt will be an excellent bridge between the sales staff, design team and the field crew.


Not to confuse Colin J. Walls with the Canadian Singer-Songwriter, Colin is a Rockstar of his own (in the field). Colin has joined NCS in the summer of 2021. This was an unusual time with everyone experiencing a worldwide pandemic. Colin soared past any of that negativity and stayed diligent in his work efforts and has far exceeded expectations. With his increased knowledge in the business, and his strong skills and leadership qualities, he has now earned a promotion to a Lead Hand.

Please help us congratulate these team members on their recent successes.  

The team at NCS Fluid Handling Systems understand that what we do is more than just move water, we strive every day to add value to our clients to ensure their project success is achieved. This is only one of the uncompromising values the team at NCS Fluid Handling Systems holds at the highest level.

If your needs include dewatering, well-pointing, sewer bypass, river diversion, water treatment or total water management the team at NCS Fluid Handling Systems is the only call you need to make.