Sewer Bypass & Plastics don't mix

NCS Fluid Systems Tank Sewer Bypass dealing with one-time use products

NCS Fluid Systems Tank Sewer Bypass dealing with one-time use products

Awareness moment; We have all heard about or have read the articles about unwanted wastes entering the storm water or sanitary / sewer systems, pushing the limits of these essential and important utility services. Over the past years new disposable products have added new challenges to these material handling systems and their pumping systems. Items such as throw away dust wipes, that don’t break down or plastic food packaging and grocery bags are disposed of through the sanitary systems and cause lift station pumps to plug and pipes to clog.

Evidence of this was recently experienced on a sewer bypass project where a slug of materials was picked up by the sewer bypass suction system and this stringy combination of plastics and fibres jammed solid the sewer bypass system pumps, shutting down both primary 400 HP sewer bypass pumps. In this situation our pump technicians were able to fire our back up system without delay and keep the bypass in operation then allowing them to deal with the removal of the materials plugging the primary pumps.

The message really is to be aware that some of these one-time use materials do not break down and that the proper disposal of them into their respective recycling centers is key, rather than using sanitary system or storm water systems, which in turn helps reduce our cities infrastructure costs.

To ensure proper design, installation and success “Experience Matters”. When it comes to engineered designs, proper installation, 24-hour monitoring, proper pump selection, support equipment and skilled technicians with comprehensive training and knowledge, the entire NCS Fluid Handling Systems team is there to support project success. Having general knowledge of pumps alone is not enough. Experience in setup, installation and maintenance of this vital construction service is the best overall requirement for this type of projects. As always, our clients get a complete project document turn over package with run sheets and safety data for their bypass completion package.