NCS Fluid Handling Flood Control Team

NCS Fluid Systems Portable Flood Dams

NCS Fluid Systems Portable Flood Dams

With the spring season comes seasonal storms and an increase in ground and mountain run off. Preparation can be the best defense to an imminent danger such as flooding, some say its not a matter of if it’s a matter of when, so why add more stress when resources to minimize damage are available. Not only do these flood conditions cause property damage it endangers everything around us. It is also well documented that prolonged high-water areas and floods can cause significant damage to roads, bridges and surrounding infrastructure if left unattended.

  • Floods can interfere with drainage and economic use of lands, such as farming.
  • Structural damage can occur in bridges, bank and sewer lines and other structures within flood-ways.
  • Waterway navigation and hydroelectric power are often impacted as well. 
  • Flooding impacts both individuals and communities, and has social, economic and environmental consequences.

NCS Fluid Handling Systems partners with many of our supply chain partners to ensure that equipment is available and in good working condition, infrastructure protection using such items as road crossings are integrated in pumping systems, Fish screens, erosion control and filtration to consider safety and environmental impacts. Also, NCS Fluid Handing Systems supports all these projects and partnerships with our professionally trained technicians that understand that urgency, design and safety are all required in these flood protection packages.

Our most recent partner to join the network is with Hydra International an industry leader who covers all of Canada with portable dams and diversion control methods. Our alliance of companies looks forward to this new partner joining the list of proactive solutions to properly support our flood control methods in a planned or as a part of emergency response. Hydra International products combine with the NCS Fluid Handing Systems services to be integral part the deployment of portable dams, barriers or barricades and related pumping services.

This strategic alliance plays a critical role in safeguarding all Canadians from flood risk by providing a comprehensive suite of flood related solutions.  This unique partnership will provide extraordinary services to flooding emergencies which will cause risk reduction, financial protection and community resilience.

In the past years, spring flooding forced over 2,500 British Colombians, Ontario and Quebec residents from their homes and threatened thousands more residents with evacuation alerts.