NCSFHS Emergency Pumping

NCS Fluid Systems Emergency Water Pumping and Water Transfer services

NCS Fluid Systems Emergency Water Pumping and Water Transfer services

Emergency Pumping can be a seasonal reality – If you need qualified technicians to setup and operate pumping systems or need pumps now contact NCS Fluid Handling Systems at

Emergency Call 1-888-618-PUMP (7867)

NCS Fluid Handling Systems has successfully provided complete services and supported water transfer, bypass, water pumping or creek diversions across Canada for years and is prepared to provide complete emergency pumping response, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

To name a few NCS Fluid Handling Systems Service include:

  • Sewer bypass pumping (planned or emergency)
  • River, creek or storm water bypass
  • Water Transfer systems
  • Flood response equipment and teams
  • Discharge sediment filtration and control
  • Dewatering services
  • Trained crews and Project management

In times of emergency or not the NCS Fluid Handling Systems team can support with bypass pumping of a failed sewer infrastructure, flooding, water transfer pumping of surface water or groundwater management, temporarily water pumping, creek diversion or diverting river flows. NCS Fluid Handling Systems project management and professional engineers are also able to assist with CAD based drawing submissions and assist with emergency regulatory diversion licenses and permits. NCS Fluid Handling Systems considers all requirements including engineered road crossings, access road restrictions, sound attenuation requirements, spill containment and environmental protection requirements, such as erosion control, discharge sedimentation control, and fish and wildlife protection, and more.

For our emergency services call us at 1-888-618-PUMP (7867) or visit