NCS project dashboards

NCS Fluid Handling Systems solutions oriented

NCS Fluid Handling Systems solutions oriented

In keeping with the NCS Fluid Handling System approach of being solution oriented and constantly striving for customer excellence, the design team at NCS has released project dashboards for customer reference and project tracking.

The goal for NCS Fluid Handling Systems from the onset was to bring a professional, solutions oriented service provider to the changing marketplace that is emerging in western Canada. NCS purposely looks to team members to bring innovative solutions to the table and keep NCS moving ahead of the curve. Customers demand change and NCS delivers. 

At NCS Fluid Handling Systems we value keeping the customer informed and focus on clear concise communication and its costs nothing, we give it for FREE just so our customers know where their project metrics are all the time.

The NCS focus on solutions, continuous improvement and clear communication is the foundation for the development of the project dashboards. With information come knowledge, we heard the market and that there is a lack of clear communication and focus on customer service. In part the team at NCS felt that dashboards would help bridge this gap, so quite simply the reason NCs is expanding the information process to all our clients is the market asked and we listened. Customer project managers and project teams are under pressure to deliver on time and on budget more than ever and they are looking for knowledgeable and reliable businesses with resources to help them meet targets, without surprises.

 NCS Fluid Handling systems congratulates John Depalma for being such a leader in delivering this key Goal at NCS.

View the interactive dashboard example utilizing sample project data.