NCS Environmental Solutions

With NCS Environmental Solutions stocks materials and equipment in NCS locations across Canada, we offer rapid-response in the event of an emergency such as fire water supply, spill containment, water diversion & flood mitigation. NCS Environmental Products offer complete services, for installation, filling demobilization and recertification and testing of dams and hose as well as a complete line of sales and rental systems, whenever and wherever you need it. 

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Our team understands the benefits of executing a well prepared plan and the magnitude of emergency situations and responds accordingly. We work in a responsive and safe manner to mobilize manpower, pipe, pumps and support equipment. 

Emergency flood pumping services normally calls for flood mitigation and emergency pumping. We prepare, supply and install various pumps and lengths of drainage lines so water can be moved safely and effectively incorporating filtration if required or erosion control methods. 

As a Canadian owned and operated business everyone at NCS Environmental Products takes pride in the “Made in Canada” solutions and approach the team takes to business, they bring dedication, ingenuity and system design to opportunities and projects everyday. The NCS Environmental Products team is additionally support by the technical planners and technicians at NCS Fluid Handling Systems. Combined this group of dedicated project service technicians, designers, administrators and managers has worked hard and grown over these past three plus years by supporting each other as leaders, mentors and partners! Proudly they continue to grow the responsive and excellent service reputation across Canada that the NCS Environmental Products team is known for.

In additional pump or pipe during an emergency? NCS Fluid Handling Systems team can provide that. Contact NCS now.


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