NCS Emergency Response

NCS Fluid Systems Response

NCS Fluid Systems Response

NCS Fluid Handling Systems crews are able to respond in various ways to emergency pumping situations that require the skilled expertise of the NCS technicians and Project managers. 

Key to successful mobilization and project success is coordination and timely response. NCS Fluid Handling Systems has a dedicated team that can coordinate people and equipment in a timely manner while always keeping personnel safety, quality of service and customer care foremost. NCS Fluid Handling Systems is also supported by a strong supplier network providing additional project support with the supply of additional equipment such as pumps, hose or piping. Seldom are two situations the same so having these deep supplier relationships with diverse products available allow for the system designers at NCS Fluid Handling Systems to design a complete package meeting the solutions.

When conditions require technicians to be on the ground as so as possible the NCS Fluid Handling Systems administrative team of planners and project managers utilize many modes of transportation to get NCS technical staff and equipment to sites across Canada. In situations like these the team at NCS utilizes transportation services such as BC Ferries networks to get transportation equipment and operational support equipment, such as specialized pumping units, piping or hose, to locations. In some situations, the team may also rely on air travel both commercial carriers as well as float plane services such as Sea Air from the Southern air terminal in Richmond BC. Float plane transportation services such as Sea Air allows NCS technicians and Project managers to reach remote areas of BC the coast and Vancouver Island areas such as Nanaimo in less that a half in many cases. This expedited service allows for the early coordination of required services to be in place as equipment rolls in on Ferry or from supplier rental support locations close to site location.

In this picture both BC Ferries and Sea Air float plane services are visible with Sea Air is providing air transport services for NCS Administrative team. 

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