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NCS Fluid Systems River Diversion Experts

NCS Fluid Systems River Diversion Experts

Management at NCS Fluid Handling Systems is pleased to make the following notable achievements and announcements. 

Kamal Deep Singh, P.Eng has, as of October 1st, accepted the new role as Vice-President of Engineering and Design for NCS Fluid Handling Systems Inc.

But first, we must take a moment to acknowledge and congratulate Kamal in his recent achievement of successfully completing his Professional Engineering Degree and becoming registered as a Professional Engineer with the Engineers and Geoscientists of British Columbia. Taking a few years in between completing his formal education in the field of engineering - to gain valuable practical knowledge - Kamal proved that hard working and dedication can get you to the goal at any stage of your career.

Over the past years, Kamal has contributed significantly to the successes at NCS Fluid Handling Systems and has helped support projects from a design perspective, as a commercial representative and with strategic operational support. Kamal’s professional experience spans over 25 years and includes unmatched knowledge in the areas of specialty water management, dewatering, river diversion and fluid pumping in Canada.

As NCS Fluid Handling Systems has grown in its service offering and strategic diversity plans are rolled out, so does the need for Engineered Designs Solutions. NCS management recognizes to meet growing demands from these strategic diversity plans and to meet customer support, we need to expand design and engineering services to support the requirement for a complete engineered package of solutions.

A recent example, NCS fluid Handling Systems Inc was engaged as integral components of the team to undertake one of the largest River Diversions and River Crossings in recent British Columbia history. NCS was engaged to provide an engineered diversion plan, required water management supervision, and manpower support. Kamal developed a diversion plan that was complete and approved without comment immediately, pumping and support equipment was staged, and manpower deployed to successfully complete the project without incident and finish the required diversion, crossing and installation 5 days ahead of schedule. It was a complete team effort that was successfully executed because of the complete, accurate and solutions-oriented engineered plan - one of many that the NCS team has grown to be known for in the industry.

Effective October 1st, Caillan Charpentier has accepted the role as Vice-President of Operations for NCS Fluid Handling Systems. As the operational team leader, Caillan applies a solutions-oriented mindset with his exceptional analytical and problem-solving skills. NCS Fluid Handling Systems management recognized that Callan’s extensive managerial and operational experience in NCS Core Services would guide the future and support the growth of the operational team, as will allow NCS Fluid Handling Systems to safely serve the new markets that it has expanded into across Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia and the Yukon while supporting the NCS goals of profession solutions and customer care.

Over the past years Caillan has supported the operational team with great leadership skills and guidance to successfully completing over 30 Hydro Tests, Filtration Projects and Dewatering Jobs across Western Canada. Supported by excellent field-level supervisory staff and technical staff, Caillan has successfully overseen the project execution and operational management of all the various NCS projects. His primary focus has been providing exceptional service and support to the NCS team and NCS customers on projects in the areas of API storage tank hydro testing, Long-Distance - High-volume Water Transfer Systems, Pipe Line Hydrostatic tests, River Diversions, Carbon Bed and Particulate Filtration, and Well Point Dewatering.

Caillan will be the first to tell you that even though these projects varied in size, scope and time of season, NCS Fluid Handling Systems would never have been successful without the complete support our dedicated team of Project Managers, Foremen, Skilled Technicians and Administrative Support.

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Everyone at NCS looks forward to the continued support both these leaders have provided NCS and wish to congratulate them on their respective successes.