NCS Professional Engineering Services

NCS Technicians respond to Emergency Flood Management

NCS Technicians respond to Emergency Flood Management

Having a Professional Engineer on staff has allowed NCS Fluid Handling Systems to expand its professional services product offering. Additionally, we're able to support projects involving River Diversion/River Bypass with specialized pump configurations and diversion controls suited to the varying conditions and seasonality of river and creek water. NCS Fluid Handling Systems has had success in both pipeline crossing maintenance projects and new pipeline construction projects.

We have also found that in emergency situations, such as unpredictable emergency flooding, working closely with our supply partners has supported timely and responsive deployment of both pumps, diversion systems and dam equipment, saving thousands of dollars in flood water damages to homes and land.

NCS Fluid Handling Systems technicians are deployed at a moment's notice to some of the remotest areas of Canada, from the East Coast to the West Coast, including the North-Western United States. Having the ability to get technicians on the ground quickly means the crew can arrive early to assess situations and provide early reconnaissance to project management teams in our offices in Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan. Working closely with key supply partners, our Project Management Team and Supply Chain Team can assemble equipment and have it on the road immediately.

Everyone at NCS pride themselves in being a member of a team building a business with strong heritage and collaboration that takes NCS continued efforts of safety, professionalism and best-in-class water management services as our primary goal.

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