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NCS Fluid Handling Systems Sewer bypass in Major Canadian cities with public awareness in mind

NCS Fluid Handling Systems Sewer bypass in Major Canadian cities with public awareness in mind

NCS Fluid Systems sewer bypass professional engineers and system designers have years of bypass experience and understand that knowing all aspects of the project is the critical first step.

The amount of waste material required to be bypassed varies throughout the day, therefore the temporary system must accommodate these changes in flow. Typically, the peak is calculated using flow meters and peak flow is usually early in the morning, and again in the evening when residents return home. This sewer bypass design calculation of peaks is crucial to the project success. If the flow is not calculated correctly, and if the system is undersized the pumps or piping may not be able to keep up and a sewage spill may be the result, which leads to many problems for everyone.

NCS Fluid Systems Professional engineering team work with our trained project managers, technicians and installation crews to consider project specific situations, such as traffic management, sound patterns for pump installation, as well as the depth of the sewer system or the overall distance of the bypass. This quite often determines the size and type of pump(s), ancillary valves, pipe and other equipment needed. For instance, when a sewer line is buried deeper than 7.5 meters or approximately 25 feet, the designers may select a submersible pump to handle the added head pressure. Where as, for systems not as deep, an above ground centrifugal pump with a suction hose lowered into the manhole may be selected.
Flow calculations are only a part of the overall operational considerations that NCS Fluid Systems Professional Engineers and technologists review:

• Are there municipal noise ordinances?
• Is there road access? NCS offers engineered road crossing to accommodate traffic flow.
• 24-hour system monitoring by skilled technicians.

Daily safety reporting and equipment run sheets.
• Equipment placement - Is signage and traffic control required?
• Environmentally sensitive areas may require seamless piping systems, such as HDPE piping to be assembled, reducing the possibility of leaks.

In the market today, a sewer system upgrade project may be an open cut replacement or a trench-less lining technology rehabilitation. The one thing that will not change with any rehabilitation project is the need for a properly designed sewer bypass system that considers the impact on the residents in the area as well as all the right size of pumps and type, as well as related piping and ancillary equipment. Get it right first time with a proper designed systems by calling the team at NCS Fluid Handling Systems.


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