Hydro-testing full service

NCS Fluid Handling Systems performing API hydro-tests across Canada and North America

NCS Fluid Handling Systems performing API hydro-tests across Canada and North America

NCS Fluid Systems has over 150 years of combined experience and is a profound leader in hydrotest markets in North America.  We perform test services covering the entire spectrum, from the sourcing of any crossing agreements on public and private land, diversion licensing from applicable regulatory bodies, permanent or temporary water pumping systems, particulate filtration, water sampling, code specific functional test of the applicable construction standard and complete turnover package authorizing fit for service authorization.  When we talk about completing, we start strong and finish strong. That is our goal, and any method that ignores vital steps along the way to the completion is incomplete.

NCS Fluid Systems is thorough. We are thorough in everything that we do which includes the full scope of hydrotesting. There have been many examples of failures in our industry — things that are happening that shouldn’t be happening and things that don’t happen that should be happening.  In protecting our customers' money and time, NCS Fluid Systems can perform our own hydrostatic testing when possible to enhance productivity and limit the amount of time it takes to complete a project.

NCS Fluid Systems can be defined by 3 distinct qualities including:

  1. High quality of completeness.
  2. Never overlooking critical details.
  3. Relentless execution of every project we take on.

This is the balance that we bring to all our projects.

Any service provider can present you with a good pitch and a low price. Are they looking at all details? When you are choosing a service provider, it is vital to keep in mind that less is not always more. Things to consider:

  • What projects have they done in the past?
  • Have they received negative or positive reviews in the past?
  • What is their ability to feasibly complete the project?
  • Do they have the resources, manpower and experience to properly complete a project?
  • Will they be on budget?
  • What methods are they currently using to define and communicate project status?
  • Do they have a transparent project reporting system?
  • Is weather a factor? Are they able to operate in extreme cold weather?
  • Safety?
  • Environment?

Less is not always more and if you view a quote with the mentality that it is, then you may be paying for that in the long run via poor service, compromised quality of work, and lack of professionalism and experience.

Choose NCS first.