Hydro Testing a tank is more than filling it with water

NCS Fluid Handling Systems Tank Hydro Testing

NCS Fluid Handling Systems Tank Hydro Testing

In this picture, the skilled team of technicians at NCS Fluid Handling Systems is performing final torquing of our API-650 engineered and designed manway hydro test covers, readying the new built tank for a fully functional API-650 hydro test.

At times there has been the misconception that hydro testing on a storage tank is performed to check for leaks and, while partially true, the hydro test is also performed to run the API 650 new build or API 653 repaired tank through a full operational test of all working components in the tank. Items such as the internal floating roof and roof seals are tested to ensure they operate as designed, and a leak test is performed on certain types of internal floating roofs. The roof drains are run through operational checks, and as some tanks have a rolling stairway on the floating roof, these are tested for full range of operation. The hydro test is also a stability test allowing for the client and builder to survey and confirm the tank base settlement is within acceptable range using a test medium such as water, which typically has a specific gravity greater than the cargo the tank is designed for. In this tank test case, NCS also performed an air-over-water pressure test confirming anchor bolt pre-stress and uplift capability, as this tank is designed to operate at a pressure greater than atmospheric. 

NCS also offers other important value-added services such as obtaining temporary water withdrawal diversion licensing, overland crossing agreements, surveying for items such as buried utilities, water sampling, pre-filtering of test water, post-test filtration, (returning test water cleaner than originally obtained), de-chlorinating of city water used for testing, dewatering, and post-test tank cleanup and drying. All of these items are captured in our NCS Hydro test plan summary turn-over package, complete with all safety, quality measures and performance summary. 

NCS offers and performs the complete package of services to ensure hydro tests schedules and timely tank completion are maintained. At NCS we believe that a hydro test is more than just filling a tank with water; it is a valuable component of a tank's lifecycle, ensuring safe operation, cost effect insurances and that owners will get maximum operational value from their tank assets. 

Learn more about how NCS Fluid Handling Systems' hydrostatic testing services can support your specific needs and conditions, or contact us to request a quote for hydrostatic testing.