NCS Fluids Highest Standard Water Management Services

NCS Fluid Systems Fluid Management Experts

NCS Fluid Systems Fluid Management Experts

NCS Fluid Handling Systems aims to deliver the highest standard of water transfer and water management services in Canada and the USA.  Our expanded services include Hydro Testing (tanks and pipelines), Industrial Filtration, River/Sewer Bypass, Well Pointing and Specialty Water Heating.  NCS is dedicated to serving customers by providing innovative and effective dewatering solutions in all markets including Industrial and Municipal.  


The Management at NCS Fluid Handling Systems is committed to ensuring:

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Continuous Learning & Development of all employees
  • Following of Safe Practices / Procedures
  • Systematic Monitoring of Company Performance
  • Delivery of High Quality / Environmental Performance


NCS Fluid Handling Systems designs and develops engineered solutions that enhance environmental protection, quality, cost effectiveness and safety.


Contact us or give us a call at 780-886-9454 to discover how we can help.

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