High snowfalls contribute to high water levels

NCS Fluid Handling Systems Well Point Dewatering

NCS Fluid Handling Systems Well Point Dewatering

This picture depicts the high water table in an excavation, and the benefits of a well designed and installed well point or sand point dewatering system.

When excavations are required to extend beyond the ground water table, site dewatering is required. The highly skilled technicians and project managers at NCS Fluid Handling Systems are supported by system designers, project planners and a strong supplier network that allows the NCS team to respond safely and quickly.

Some of our energy sector and municipal infrastructure contractors are benefiting from onsite well point dewatering systems. Given the wet spring and higher-than-normal snow falls in AB and regions around the lower mainland (like Hope, Chilliwack or Abbotsford, BC), the ground water and water table situation is higher than normal and the decision has been made to well point dewater excavations rather than face schedule delays or related penalties due to late startup.

For shallow excavations, single-stage well point dewatering is often the most effective and cost-efficient method to draw down water levels. For deeper excavations, a second stage can be installed or alternatively a deep well system can be employed, allowing for safe and timely excavation to continue.

NCS fluid Handling Systems Technicians are deployed at a moment notice to some of the remotest areas of Canada from the East coast, central Canada and the West Coast including the North Western United States. Having the ability to technicians and project managers on the ground quickly means at times crews will mobilize but with ground transportation delivering equipment and supplies and project lead crew members of Project Management and highly skilled Technicians to arrive early to access situations and provide early reconnaissance to Project management teams in our offices in Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan.  working closely with key supply partners our Project Management Team and supply chain team can assemble equipment and have in on the road immediately.

Everyone at NCS prides themselves for being a member of a team building a business with strong heritage and collaboration that takes NCS continued efforts of safety, professionalism and best in class water management services as our primary goal. Emergency Flood Response


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