NCS Fluid Systems complies with Fisheries Management

NCS Fluid Handling Systems - Leaders Hydro-testing and Water Management

NCS Fluid Handling Systems - Leaders Hydro-testing and Water Management

Fisheries management objectives and regulations are being considered for some of Alberta's waterbodies. You are invited to provide your input through online surveys at The survey is planned to close December 17, 2018.

This engagement is part of AEP’s annual process to consult on sportfishing regulations. Information collected through consultation is part of the decision making process and a summary results will be publically available following the survey.



Alberta Environment and Parks is committed to open discussion with Albertans regarding the management of our fisheries. To meet this commitment and foster collaboration with a diversity of fisheries stakeholders, a Fisheries Action Plan has been developed. For more information visit: Alberta Fisheries Management.


NCS is able to operate in remote and environmentally sensitive locations through our methodical processes, and procedures that reduce environmental impact and meet federal waterway compliance requirements.  We perform services from sourcing of any crossing agreements on public and private land, diversion licensing from applicable regulatory bodies, permanent or temporary water pumping systems, particulate filtration and water sampling.  Our intake systems always adhere to the Department of Fisheries and Oceans guidelines.  All the services we offer have been developed to NCS Fluid Handling Systems standards with the environmental impact in mind.

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