1st Phase of Well Point Completed

Well Point and HDPE installation

Well Point and HDPE installation

Well point dewatering is a core business that NCS Fluid Handling Systems performs for municipal and industrial customers in Canada.

The management at NCS Fluid Handling Systems wants to thank the specialized team of technicians for a great job. Project schedules some time meet unexpected changes, and with the  extremely wet summer on Vancouver Island, this customer project met high water table issues during excavation. With only a few days' notice, the crew at NCS Fluid Handling Systems responded to site and got the first 400' installed, allowing the schedule to stay on track and excavation to continue without further delay.

Well point installed and now excavation restarts. Then back to completing the balance of the well pointing system. 

When a high water table exists during excavations, well point dewatering is a superior solution to alternative dewatering methods such as Sheet piles, as this method only blocks water or attempts to slow water infiltration rather than removing the water that is present with vacuum applied well pointing systems.