Filtration & Erosion Controlled Release

Erosion controlled water release

Erosion controlled water release

The NCS crew has successfully completed the most recent API 650 Storage tank Hydro test, which included a full scope of inspection including tank base settlement confirmation, floating roof leak test and a full tank operational test. This full operational test verifies that the tanks components such as the floating the internal floating roof to tank high operational level, confirming the internal roof seal is in full contact with the tank shell and that the internal self levelling stairway is fully functional. Once completing all these checks and tests, the crew starts the process of reversing the system and drains the test water back to the source. 

The test water is metered to ensure all water is returned and the test water is filtered to return the water cleaner than originally drawn. Erosion control is essential when water is flowing back to source so the crew at NCS Fluid Handling Systems installs a diversion system at the discharge to divert water away from the banks and bottom of the water source. 

Throughout the project, the client was able to monitor project status using our new API project management dashboard. This tool provides cost to budget tracking, safety metrics, and schedule updates. NCS Fluid Handling Systems strives to be a leader in an evolving industry by offering such advanced tools as the API project management dashboard keeping clients informed and up to date throughout the entire project lifecycle and a cost-competitive rate. 

In addition, NCS Fluid Handling Systems offers other value-added services such as arranging crossing agreements, temporary water diversion licences (TDL's), pre and post test water filtration, water samples and analysis reports, Department of Fisheries approved screens, de-chlorination of city supplied test water and post test tank cleaning and drying. Everyone at NCS prides themselves on the quality and professionalism that our staff Project managers, foreman and technicians provide and the teams focus on customer service.