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NCS Fluid Systems River Diversion Experts

NCS Fluid Systems River Diversion Experts

Congratulations to Kamal and the entire team British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan based. Located now at 7404 King George Blvd in Surrey, BC , V3W 1N6.

Opening our new location in Surrey BC is an exciting time for everyone at NCS Fluid Handling Systems Inc. This expansion is needed to meet the growing demand for enhanced customer care, Engineered and Designed services in the Lower Mainland, Vancouver Island and across the geographical regions that the team at NCS fluid Handling Systems serves. This new location allows NCS Fluid Handling Systems to provide a venue to engage the client in a forum that is interactive and a dispatch point for equipment and skilled technicians to serve this rapidly rowing marketplace. When Energy as well as pipeline related services such as River Bypass, Filtration and Hydro testing are coupled the already core business offerings that NCS Fluid Handling Systems supports in the areas of infrastructure improvement and growth in BC, Kamal and management made this new location and other new future locations a priority for 2017 and 2018.

Customers have told us they are tired of getting estimates only to see the costs rise because of no process guarantee, inadequate or inexperienced design and paying extra in the long run.

Going to the adage of “why is there never enough time and money to get it right the first time but always enough to do it twice?”

Customers have asked for systems that are designed right the first time and engineering services that back this our products and services up. Ever member of the NCS Fluid Handling Systems team strives to deliver best in class service to each and ever project, with a focus on safety, cost and quality.

Informative project dashboards, engineered designs backed up by process guarantee that “if we did not get it right we will fix it”, Customer call in service direct to a dedicated project manager and Engineering design staff services for trouble shooting support, these are some examples of how NCS meets customer needs.

Stay Tuned!