Canada's fastest growing water transfer company

NCS Fluid Handling Systems are Leaders in Water Transfer & Hydro-testing

NCS Fluid Handling Systems are Leaders in Water Transfer & Hydro-testing

NCS Fluid Handling Systems, we're the company you want to partner with - a group of thinkers and problem solvers, dreamers, and creators. Oh, we're also Canada's fastest growing water management service provider.

Our team has grown to over 100 years combined knowledge and experience in the hydrostatic testing of API storage tanks, pumping, industrial sales and management. The team has extensive managerial and operational knowledge in the markets within the Western Canadian sedimentary basin, Northern Canadian Oil Sands, industrial and construction markets in Western Canada, hydraulic fracturing markets, and the mining industry in Canada.



Caillan has over 15 years in his area of expertise and is one of the leading experts in the area of tank, filtration and pipeline testing. Caillan is a solution-minded individual with exceptional analytical problem-solving abilities. He has extensive managerial and operational experience in the Western Canadian marketplace. Caillan is highly skilled in system design in all industrial environments, with a specialty in custom- designed pumping systems and hydrostatic testing of API storage tanks or pipelines. Caillan has successfully overseen the management of multiple projects and crews from estimate to execution. His primary focus has been providing exceptional service and support to his customers in the business of API storage tank hydrostatic testing and long-distance, high-volume water transfer systems.


Kamal brings over 28 years of operational knowledge and problem-solving skills to support the NCS industrial and municipal services. Kamal is considered to be one of the top industry professionals in the specialty water and fluid pumping services sector. Kamal has widely focused on the areas around Canada and the US. He has experience on oil sands sites in Northern Canada, construction markets along the Pacific coastline, and the mining industry in Central Canada. His expertise ranges to include River crossing designs / plans, system rentals, sales and service of industrial pumps, hydraulic calculation, water management system design, risk mitigation, environmental disaster response, and mechanical troubleshooting.


JC is a highly skilled specialist who brings 12+ years of related expertise and knowledge to the NCS Fluid Handling Systems team. JC is a results-oriented specialist who enhances the already strong team of technicians and managers in our core markets related to API 650 and API 653 storage tank hydro testing and brings a strong managerial background in both filtration and pipeline hydrotests. JC also strategically supports the NCS Fluid Handling Systems expansion plans and potential acquisitions in areas of services related to river diversion and crossings, carbon removal filtration and specialized water heating services in both tank and pipeline applications. filtration services. As well as being a NCSO, JC’s brings a strong solution oriented mindset, superior management skills and organizational abilities that compliment the NCS values of safety, quality and superior customer service. JC works closely with the technical representatives at NCS from the onset of project, providing value insight into system designs, project planning and safe / cost effective project execution. JC also works as a mentor on NCS training program development team which supports the NCS goal of continuous improvement in training in both project administrators and the continuous operational development of both our core technical team and new technicians.


Mitch has 11 years of on-site related experience in the API 650 and 653 tank testing and pipeline hydro testing marketplace across Canada. Mitch supports the operations team with strong organizational skills that is interactive both with our clients and other NCS team members. Mitch is 

involved from the onset of a project in all areas of planning. Job specific site safety planning and operational interaction is developed long before the NCS team arrives on site. Mitch’s continuous improvement training includes managerial and operational development and his valued experience is incorporated into our technician training programs.


Adrian brings 8+ years’ experience both in the areas of API 650 and 653 tank testing and site water management across Canada to the team. Adrian primarily leads the NCS team members on the onsite water management projects, in the areas of bypass, emergency pumping and/or well point dewatering. The nature of these projects can be very dynamic at times and Adrian brings a well-organized and solution minded skill set to keep projects operating safely and on schedule. With the support of all those involved, Adrian has been able to respond in a safe and timely manner to support emergency pumping projects and unscheduled ground water issues for contractors working in Western Canada.


Clint adds a support element at the field level that NCS believes is key to a clear communication process. Clint’s 25 years of operational and product knowledge allows NCSFHS and our client to gather a clear picture of services and solutions required from the on-site perspective. Clint is in constant communication with the operational leaders to ensure that all conditions are understood and considered at time of RFQ or RFI. At NCSFHS we believe a clear, concise communication process is critical to represent the best solution and costs associated.


Kristina supports an important role on the NCSFHS team as General Manager and her dedication really rounds out the team with her strong organizational skills and administrative talents. Kristina brings 5 years of related industry knowledge in the areas of Finance, Human Resources, Technician Training Development, Safety support, and operational coordination. Kristina supports our entire team’s quality of service with a powerful energy of getting things done on time and right the first time.


John is a self-managed and results-oriented specialist with 15 years of experience in the municipal, industrial and oil and gas industry. John has plenty hands on experience in supporting the delivery of new and existing products/services. John offers business and technology enhancements that enable individuals and organizations to improve quality and productivity. He has a proven ability to establish and maintain strong alliances; lead and motivate teams; drive projects from scope of work to project completion; convey complex technical requirements; exceed customer expectations and achieve bottom-line results.  When John’s expertise in technological advancements is synchronized with his extensive operational experience he will undoubtedly enhance the goal of exceptional customer experience and service that the NCS Fluid Handling Systems team strives for.


Owen has worked in Western Canada for over 35 years in manufacturing and industrial services markets mainly in the oil and gas sector. Throughout the years Owen has focused to provide both external and internal customers with key strategic planning, solution minded feedback, exceptional customer service and innovative ideas. Having worked in all aspects of business throughout his career he now strives to support and mentor the NCSFHS team with the knowledge he has gained in an effort to allow them to grow and meet their specific career goals. Owen’s mentorship supports the NCSFHS team in achieving our goals of superior customer service and professional business relationships. Owen’s career has had a wide variety of experience, that includes everything from technical training, to hands on trade experience, through to executive level management and education. Owen firmly believes and has the utmost confidence that the management at NCSFHS has compiled the right strategy with the right team and that this team will continue to add top talent to meet their goals, the needs of industry diversity for future and that all of these people at NCSFHS will achieve their personal goals.

Royal Roads University, Victoria, BC, Canada, MBA


MISSION:  It is NCS Fluid Systems' mission to consider all solutions in order to deliver exceptional customer service to the municipal and industrial water utilization markets.

VISION:  We create fluid connections with our customers by providing unmatched customer care, professionally engineered designed solutions, safety awareness, environment sustainability, and operational excellence.

VALUES:  Respect; Professionalism; Safety; Customer Service.