Calgary Dewatering

Calgary based NCS crews dispatched to install well point dewatering system in the heart of Calgary

Calgary based NCS crews dispatched to install well point dewatering system in the heart of Calgary

There is no easy button when it comes to getting a project right first time, The design team at NCS Fluid Handling Systems put a dewatering plan together and the Calgary based crew worked smart to get this dewatering system installed and operational before the long weekend allowing adequate time for ground water to draw down over the weekend so when crews return next week to continue the excavation, in this saturated area, the ground water is removed and the soil is stabilized within the work area.

In the world of construction, there are many factors and risks to consider, some of them having the potential to quickly stop a project in its tracks. One such risk is groundwater. Encountering groundwater on a project site can be incredibly challenging, especially when it is not anticipated. In the right (or wrong) geology, high groundwater can lead to excavation instability, project delays, and ultimately increased project costs both for the General Contractor and the Owner of a project.

A proper understanding of both construction techniques and hydrogeology is essential to identifying and preventing a groundwater issue. This course is designed to help participants identify if they have a groundwater problem and will provide some basic tools for estimating how much water may need to be pumped and what types of systems can be utilized to remove groundwater before it becomes and issue. The course will also discuss several techniques for properly sizing pumps used in dewatering applications and will touch on how discharge water from dewatering is treated to meet local compliance regulations.

Contact us on the NCS website or at 1-888-618-7867 (pump). If your in Calgary and want more information or a site visit so you can fix your dewatering issues contact the local team, Lane at 780-232-2576 or Nate at 403-601-5090.

And most importantly have a safe and enjoyable long weekend!


Our NCS branch is in full swing now and hiring for all positions!