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Emergency pumping systems deployed within 24 hours of the call.

Emergency pumping systems deployed within 24 hours of the call.

The Management at NCS couldn't be more proud of the entire team at NCS for coming together in a 24-hour period AGAIN to support a customer in an emergency pumping situation. The entire team at NCS Fluid Handling Systems understands that when an emergency situation comes up, a quality, safe, well-planned execution strategy needs to be established in a timely fashion. Many plans come together quick as the NCS team has years of experience planning and executing in these unexpected emergencies. 

Just like they have done so well in the past, Kamal has been working hard on designing a system, Kristina jumped to it and booked flights, crew trucks and accommodations, while Caillan assembled a skilled team of technicians to mobilize to site 24 hours after the call. Both the guys have been working closely with the team at United Rentals for the supply of additional pipe and pumping equipment needed to pull this project together in near-record time. 

NCS Management prides itself on the dedicated support the team has provided over the past year. These achievements never comprise Safety, Quality or Professional Customer Service which are key values at NCS.

NCS Fluid Handling Systems provides a complete turnover package to every client we work for which includes all relevant safety and documentation. Customers have a right to good quality and professional service and at NCS we understand that customers need a competitive solution that gets it right first time and isn't looking to bid low only to charge extras to recover lost margin; we understand the total cost of ownership.  Everyone at NCS believes that our professionalism and focus on good customer service is the difference between any other service provider in the market space. 

Thanks again to everyone who helped pull this project together.

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