NCS Projects Near Water

Custom built fish screens on Water Inlet

Custom built fish screens on Water Inlet

The Fisheries Act is managed by the Minister of Fisheries and Oceans Canada and requires that projects avoid causing serious harm to fish. This applies to work being conducted in or near water-bodies that support fish that are part of or that support a commercial, recreational or Aboriginal fishery.

This article only touches on a small part of the extensive details and preparations that are involved when operating on or around waterways. NCS technicians, project managers, system planners and designers are trained on these requirements and incorporate a number of different measures to avoid causing any harm to fish, habitats including aquatic species at risk.

These can include:

  • Overall project planning measures
  • Erosion and sediment control
  • Shoreline/bank re-vegetation and stabilization
  • Fish protection
  • Operation of machinery

As is shown on this project in British Columbia, NCS Fluid Systems designers incorporate the use of custom built fish screens that have perforations in the inlet plates that meet the maximum allowable diameter; this keeps aquatic life out but allows sufficient inlet supply water to feed pumps. As defined in the Act, all efforts are made to avoid, mitigate and/or offset harm in these fish-bearing waters and habitats.

If you are considering or conducting a project neat water, it is your responsibility to ensure you avoid causing serious harm to fish in compliance with the Fisheries Act and avoid contravening SARA prohibitions. 

In addition, understanding water diversion requirements is extremely important.

In BC Reference - Apply for water use license

In Alberta Reference - Guidelines for water licensing

In Saskatchewan Reference - Temporary Water Rights

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