AquaFlex Canada Spill Containment & control

NCS Fluid Systems water management & filtration

NCS Fluid Systems water management & filtration

NCS Fluid Handling Systems offers Oil spill containment products with a solution for proactive reclamation of oil spills & sheen.

AquaFlex products are a continuous solution for in or near water activities to protect the marine environment. AquaFlex Canada products trap hydrocarbon molecules & particles while allowing water to pass through, when saturated the unique AquaFlex product can be retrieved, then the trapped hydrocarbons can be safely removed in proper areas & redeployed multiple times.

Additionally, AquaFlex is not polypropylene based & is not a one-time use plastic product, AquaFlex is biodegradable & easily cleaned. AquaFlex also can be used in Algae removal & management. AquaFlex can be used on Boats in Bilges, Marinas, marina fuel stations, Dock Construction sites & in or near water construction activities were need proactive & reactive spill containment solutions.

Contact us at NCS fluid Handling Solutions today and add AquaFlex to your existing spill containment program or include AquaFlex Canada products as your Specified Solution.